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Trunks Project


  Connecting our youth with

Western North Carolina's past.
Civil Rights Trunk



Through the materials and activities in this trunk, students will further develop their understanding of the major themes of the American Civil Rights Movement as well as lesser known contributing elements, including the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance, and the Black Separatist movement. Students will explore both national and local primary sources and learning materials that help paint the picture of the American Civil Rights Movement. Activities and materials in the trunk are intended to be a supplement to regular classroom lessons and activities on this topic. This trunk can be used as a jumping off point for further inquiry into the themes presented.


Teacher: C. Whitman

The "Traveling Transylvania Trunk" was an absolutely wonderful learning tool for my fourth graders. The amount of time and energy that was taken to pull materials and construct lessons for this trunk was phenomenal and the excitement over the trunk and its contents was awesome. The lessons included in the trunk were right on track for fourth graders and covered many content areas. Students were able to learn so much about the history and economy of our county by analyzing photographs and artifacts. By allowing students to wear gloves and use magnifying glasses during these lessons, the students felt as if they were detectives searching through decades of Transylvania's history.


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